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Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

A tongue scraper is a leading means of bad breath prevention.

Keeping your toothbrush clean and free of germs is important in terms of oral hygiene. This can be especially so if you travel a lot and carry a toothbrush with you. If this is not packed safely and conveniently it can easily rub on other items and pick up dirt and germs. If you are looking for a simple way to carry your toothbrush that will help to keep it clean and germ free, then a travel toothbrush sanitizer can be a good product to have available.

A travel toothbrush sanitizer is typically a small box which in many cases comes with a compact toothbrush included. The box acts as a convenient carrying case for the toothbrush such that it can easily be stored in a bag without having to worry about the toothbrush coming into contact with other items.

However as well as carrying the brush, a travel toothbrush sanitizer is also designed to clean the brush. Many use germicidal UV light to do this and when you close the box the cleaning begins. Germicidal UV light is effective at killing many of the germs that can be found on a toothbrush and most sanitizers will eliminate the majority of germs from a toothbrush in only a few minutes. While it is useful for those that are traveling, a toothbrush sanitizer can easily be used in the home. The sanitizer can help to make the brush more hygienic and it can remain conveniently stored in the box until required again for brushing.

There are a few travel toothbrush sanitizers on the market these days. A popular brand is the VIO200 Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer from Violight. This can be found for sale at around $22 and the sanitizer comes with a toothbrush included. It is a compact size making it easy to carry and it has push button activation to start the brush cleaning which automatically shuts off after 7 minutes.

The Verilux Clean Wave UV-C Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer is another option to purchase. This is a more affordable product and can be found on the market for around $10. The UV-C light it uses to sanitize the brush is said to be effective in removing 99% of germs and it has a built-in timer which runs for 6 minutes before automatically shutting off. The case is sturdily manufactured meaning the brush can safely be carried in a bag without suffering any damage. Other travel toothbrush sanitizers to consider include the UV-C Light Sanitizer from Mark Feldstein and Associates and the Sonicare HX7990 UV Brush Sanitizer.

A travel toothbrush sanitizer can be a simple way to keep your brush clean and safely stored. They are useful for those that travel regularly and are an easy way to store and care for a brush. However, they can easily be used in the home if you are looking for a simple way to keep your brush cleaner and conveniently stored. If the cleanliness of your toothbrush is something that concerns you a toothbrush sanitizer can be a useful product to consider.