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Dry Mouth Products

A tongue scraper is a leading means of bad breath prevention.

Suffering from dry, or cotton mouth can be an especially frustrating condition.  This is a scenario in which your mouth feels especially dry for some reason, so that you are unable to form the normal buildup of oral fluids like saliva.  It can occur as a result of genetics, or even during heavy activity in some cases.  But no matter the reason, it’s both uncomfortable, and unpleasant as it creates a scenario in which you’ll suffer from bad breathe.  For that reason, you need to seek out the right dry mouth products to help you fight the condition, and keep your mouth feeling great at all times.

The absolute best  dry mouth products to help you avoid the condition completely, are always going to be those that help successfully clean and care for your mouth.  Using fluoride toothpaste is your first best decision, because fluoride works to moisturize your mouth as well as clean.  But what’s more, you’ll want to use a mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol, as alcohol is notorious for drying out your skin.  That means you’ll want to absolutely avoid most products that contain alcohol.  By brushing regularly, and also keeping alcohol free mouthwash in your arsenal, you can ensure that you take the best precautions towards avoiding dry mouth completely.

If that doesn’t work, there are other fantastic dry mouth products that you can try.  One of the best is actually mouth spray like that made by Thayer’s.  This is a special mouth spray that actually naturally moisturizes, so that your mouth can stay fresh under any circumstance.  Plus it has the added convenience of being extremely portable, so that you’re able to carry your spray with you, wherever you may require it’s use.  Some other dry mouth products that you may want to try include special gum.  There is a special sort of cotton mouth gum made by Biotene that actually moisturizes, and stimulates saliva flow.  Although that type of gum can be expensive, so you may want to try something simply like Trident which can replicate the same concept on a smaller scale.

Of course, if the dry mouth products you purchase still don’t do the job, there are a few home remedies that you can try.  One of the most common solutions is to simply ensure that you drink enough water throughout the day.  On average, your body needs around 8 glasses of water a day, and you’ll want to ensure that you drink at least that, to keep your mouth hydrated.  But you also may consider breathing through your nose whenever possible.  Those that suffer from dry mouth tend to breathe out of their mouths, and you may find that breathing through your nose allows moisture to build up more easily, solving the problem altogether.

When you’re looking to buy any sort of dry mouth products that you need, the best places to go are always going to be pharmaceutical specialists.  Stores like CVS and Walgreens are ideal for any type of remedy you could possibly need for any ailment.  There you can find the perfect dry mouth products to keep your mouth moisturized and comfortable, all day long.