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Dr. Tungs Tongue Scraper Review

A tongue scraper is a leading means of bad breath prevention.

There are many tongue scrapers on the market.  Some made of plastic, others made of rubber, and others made of metal and stainless steel. While I can’t say that I’ve used them all, Dr. Tung’s tongue scraper is the best one that I’ve ever owned.  It’s what I continue to use today ever since I came across it a few years ago.  I’ll give you a few reasons why.

First of all, the shape of Dr. Tungs tongue scraper is a U.  This gives it the ability to curve and bend, molding to the shape of your mouth so that it reaches the back of your tongue with ease.  You’ll find that many other tongue scrapers either don’t fit into the back of your mouth, or make it uncomfortable, but Dr Tungs tongue scraper does it with ease.

The smooth surface of Dr Tungs tongue scrapper also makes it easy to remove the bacteria on the back of your tongue (this is what’s responsible for bad breath) without damaging your tongue’s tissue.  Your tongue is a sensitive body part and the wrong device could harm the outer layers of your tongue by making it rough and swollen.

The grips on Dr Tungs tongue scraper are a nice touch too.  They basically make it really easy to apply pressure to the device, lets you adjust based on where you are in your mouth (the back of your tongue is generally wider than the front).

Most dentists will tell you that the use of a tongue scraper is far more effective than mouthwash, which actually ends up drying out your mouth and making it easier for bacteria to regenerate on the back of your tongue.  A tongue scraper removes these bacteria and directly removes the source of bad breath instead of masking it with a minty scent.

The best combination for a bad breath defense is upping your water intake, brushing your teeth, and using a tongue scraper regularly.  Dr. Tung’s tongue scrapper comes highly recommended for both its design and its price.