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Tongue Scraper – Why Use Copper

A tongue scraper is a leading means of bad breath prevention.

You may be wondering about the benefits of a copper tongue scraper.  Some tongue scrapers are made of synthetic materials like plastic, and others are made of unalloyed metals, like copper and steel.  What are the benefits of using copper, you ask?

Well, there are many benefits.  I’ve spoken to many people over the years who prefer using a copper tongue scraper for the following reasons:

Copper has been known to naturally fight bacteria and plaque for centuries.

Copper is more likely than something like plastic to keep any water clean.  It has often been used as a microbial agent to clean water.  Many people in the Eastern hemisphere actually drink their water out of copper utensils for this reason.

Copper should be a regular part of anyone’s diet, as small amounts of the mineral on a daily basis are good for the body.  It acts as an agent to help with the regulation of enzymes.

In my own experience, I’ve also found that using a copper tongue scraper as opposed to one made of another material is the right move for durability reasons.  My copper tongue scraper has outlasted my others by well over a year so far, and it didn’t cost me much more money at all.

The feel of a tongue scraper made of copper is smoother and more gentle on the tongue, and I take this seriously, as the first tongue scraper I ever bought was made of plastic and ended up roughing up the back of my tongue as the feel of it was just too rough for me.

You’ll also find that a copper tongue cleaner bends more easily, preventing any kind of gag reflexes that other tongue cleaners may set off as you try to fit them into the back of your mouth.

You’re probably here because you’ve already heard or read about the benefits of removing bad breath bacteria from the back of your tongue with a tongue scraper.  From firsthand experience, I can tell you that there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be using one as a regular part of your oral hygiene regimen.