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7 Top Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Friday, June 24th, 2011

When you’re seeking to cure bad breath in an easy and logical way, you want to locate the potential products that you’re going to have to choose from on hand right now, so that you can stop the problem quickly.  The fact of the matter is that you really don’t need expensive tooth care products so long as you shop smartly, and there are plenty of great solutions right at home that you’re going to have to choose from.  So long as you know what to grab, there are plenty of home remedies for bad breath that you can use to get rid of the problem before you go to work, or out on that date.

Here are 7 of the top solutions, and the ones that you can really count on to take the stink out of your mouth faster than you would believe:

1. First, just make sure you’re practicing good oral hygiene.

This is vital so that you can ensure that you’re cutting bad breath out at it’s source.  This means brushing your teeth properly with toothpaste, as well as using mouthwash.  But stay away from products that use alcohol, because this can actually dry out your mouth which just makes bad breath worse and allows bacteria to really multiply inside your mouth.

2. Make sure that you’re brushing before bed and right away in the morning.

This is something that not enough people do, but it’s actually one of the most effective ways that you can cure bad breath.  The night time is the prime time when bacteria multiplies, but you can slow it up by brushing before bed, then you can get rid of what’s transpired and built up by brushing right away in the morning as well.

3. Drink a lot of water.

It’s vital that you get your proper allotment of water anyways, but it’s really important that you’re drinking plenty when it comes to your mouth and bad breath as well. You’re going to find that the more water you’re drinking the more wet and comfortable that your mouth is going to feel, and the more you’re going to be able to produce saliva so that you can wash away bad breath.

4. Try just avoiding the potential breath problem causers.

If you’re going to be eating during the day and you’re not going to be around a toothbrush for a while, then just avoid the foods that could be problematic.  By avoiding garlic, and things like some fish and other vegetables, you’ll find that you’re able to avoid a lot of problems that could be caused otherwise, when you’re not around any home remedies for bad breath that can help you out.

5. Carry around common herbs and spices to chew on.

While this may seem a bit odd, it’s actually one of the best household remedies for bad breath because of the natural ways that they can get rid of that scent.  Some of the best are going to include fennel, cloves or even anise seeds.  Chewing on any, or just keeping them in your mouth for a bit is going to soak up the odor leaving a more pleasant but not overpowering scent behind.  While they may not taste the best, sometimes it’s really worth it if you’ve got an important meeting coming up and you don’t want some bad breath to kill the party.

6. Make sure you’re brushing your tongue.

Once again in the proper oral hygiene department, the tongue is a place that stores a lot of bacteria, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.  That means you’re going to want to brush your tongue as often as possible, usually every time you brush normally, to ensure that you’re getting at that bacteria.  If not, you’re leaving a lot behind and that’s a problem.

7. Eat your greens.

Finally, just make sure that you’re eating some good hearty greens with meals, as that’s going to naturally reduce your proclivity to develop bad breath.  Things like parsley as well as even a salad, or arugula, as they all contain chlorophyll, which is a natural bad breath neutralizer.  The more you eat, the better that you’re going to be able to get rid of those bad breath fumes, so they are great home remedies for bad breath to have on hand.


How to Cure Gingivitis With Some Home Remedies

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Treating and curing gingivitis is something that a lot of people battle with actually, but it’s something that can also be taken care of fairly easily.  Gum disease is something that actually a staggering number of people have, and you’ll find that it’s actually quite common.  The condition is usually easily spotted with swelling or pain in the gums, as well as bleeding, and is usually due to a build up of bacterial within the mouth.  So basically this is a gum infection, and you’ll find that how to cure gingivitis is actually not that complicated in the end.

Gum disease is something that can plague just about anybody, and the problems that arise because of it can be numerous.  But it’s really not that hard to change your habits, as you’re going to find that it just takes plenty of diligence on your part to ensure that you’re able to get your mouth clean once more, and bacteria free.  There’s plenty that you can do at home as well, to cure swollen gums, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find a method that really works when you’re looking to get rid of your condition.

1) Always maintain good brushing habits.

The key to getting rid of gingivitis and in turn finding a way to cure bad breath and the other problems that results when you need to cure swollen gums, is actually in brushing.  You have to be sure that you’re brushing often and regularly.  You should be brushing multiple times per day, and at least after every single meal. while this may not sound like a lot, you’ll find that it makes the biggest difference when it comes to overall mouth health.

2) Use an antiseptic mouthwash.

You’re going to find that mouthwash is also key in doing a lot of the cleaning that toothpaste or your toothbrush just cannot do.  That’s because this is how to cure gingivitis in the gums, where your toothbrush cannot get.  With an antiseptic type of mouthwash, you’re able to kill off the bacteria that causes the problem, and in term improve the overall health of your teeth and your mouth.  Just be sure to shy away from the types with alcohol, as those are not as effective in the long run, and can actually cause bacteria to multiply more when everything is said and done.

3) Floss at least once a day.

One of the major problems that can cause gingivitis early on is actually not flossing. That’s because food and other bits of things that get caught in your teeth can be a major problem when they’re stuck there for any length of time.  You’re going to find that these can cause swollen gums, and actually feed the bacteria that are growing in your mouth.  But by flossing you can make sure that anything in your mouth is always dislodged, and you can ensure that your teeth are then totally clear as well.

4) Chew sugar free gum after meals.

If you cannot brush after you’ve just had a meal, then instead try chewing some sugar free gum.  So long as it’s sugarless, you’ll find that it won’t damage your teeth and will actually build up saliva throughout the mouth.  This is a necessity because more saliva is a good thing as it washes away excess bacteria and plaque.  That means your mouth will be cleaner as a result, and you can ensure bacteria does not build up after having eaten a meal.

5) Drink plenty of water.

Once again keeping hydrated is really ideal for washing away bacteria and ensuring that you can produce saliva.  A problem that you can have with the mouth is just drying up too much, which can allow bacteria to grow a lot more, and that’s something that you don’t want.  Instead, go with methods to cure bleeding gums like just drinking more water to make a big difference down the line.

6) Try using a toothpick when you can’t floss.

If you’re careful, you can also use a toothpick after meals if you can’t floss, to ensure that you can further dislodge food from your mouth.  This is key, and is a good method of how to cure gingivitis by preventing anything from developing throughout your mouth.


Canker Sore Toothpaste

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Oral hygiene is important to avoid a number of potential problems which can affect the teeth and soft tissue of the mouth. Even with proper oral care problems can still be experienced and a common ailment is canker sores. These can be an annoying and in many cases painful affliction to deal with. The problem can be exacerbated by the toothpaste you use for brushing and if you suffer from the problem, canker sore toothpaste can be a good option to choose.

Canker sores are small ulcers that affect the soft tissue in the mouth. Many people will experience them on an occasional basis without suffering too much as a consequence and they typically last a few days before disappearing. However, some people can suffer from them on a regular basis and this can be a more difficult problem to deal with as it can make eating and drinking and, in the worst cases, even talking painful. Although the exact cause of canker sores is not known, studies have shown that the toothpaste you use may have an impact. Many toothpaste brands can include an ingredient called sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) and this can be a factor in the creation of canker sores. Using toothpaste that does not include SLS can therefore be a sensible option for those suffer from the problem of canker sores.

There are a few toothpaste brands that are designed specifically for those that experience canker sores and if you suffer from the problem these can be products to consider. Rembrandt Whitening Canker Sore Toothpaste is specially formulated for those that suffer from the problem and this is a gentle toothpaste without the harsh ingredients that can lead to canker sores. The typical cost for this is around $7 for a 3oz tube and it gets decent reviews for its effectiveness.

Squigle Enamel Saver Toothpaste is another brand that is considered an effective canker sore toothpaste. It is manufactured specifically for people that suffer from oral problems such as dry mouth and canker sores. It has a mild mint flavor and is free of artificial preservatives, colors and sweeteners. This toothpaste retails for around $7 for a 4oz tube.

There are a few other brands that are considered effective canker sore toothpastes, with some of these including Tom’s of Maine Clean and Gentle SLS-Free toothpaste and The Natural Dentist Healthy Teeth & Gums Original toothpaste. Most can be found in your local drugstore which is the best place to look for them. However they can also be found for sale in larger discount and grocery stores and many online drugstores also have them available.

Suffering from canker sores can be a frustrating and painful problem. However there are ways to reduce the chances of them occurring and using canker sore toothpaste is one of these. This type of toothpaste avoids the use of harsh ingredients which can be a factor in canker sores appearing in your mouth and therefore using it is a way you can help to relieve the problem.

Best Whitening Toothpaste

Friday, September 17th, 2010

While the health of your teeth is obviously important in ensuring they remain pain free, most people also want their teeth to look attractive. This generally means having white teeth and there are a number of ways to achieve this. The first line of defense in terms of keeping your teeth looking attractive is the toothpaste you use and brushing with the best whitening toothpaste is a good option to choose.

Everyone knows that brushing regularly on a daily basis is important in maintaining the health of their teeth. However, teeth can also become discolored and dull for a number of reasons and this can be as a result of the food and drink we take, our age, smoking and a range of other factors. Most toothpaste is not really designed to cope with this and if you want to try and improve the appearance of your teeth then using one of the best whitening toothpaste brands is an option to consider.

There are a number of brands that lay claim to being the best whitening toothpaste and there are a few that get good reviews. Ultra Brite Advanced Whitening is a toothpaste manufactured by Colgate that is said to be good for removing stains and whitening teeth. It costs around $2.40 for a 6oz tube and includes fluoride plus a tartar control ingredient. It is one of the most affordable whitening toothpaste brands that get decent reviews. However, in some reviews dentists have warned it can be abrasive on teeth. It is therefore probably better used on an occasional basis in combination with your regular brushing regime.

Arm & Hammer Extra Whitening also gets decent reviews as one of the best whitening toothpaste brands on the market. This is another relatively affordable brand with a 6oz tube costing around $2.80. It has baking soda and peroxide included in its ingredients which are typically effective at whitening teeth, although it also includes fluoride to protect against cavities and has a fresh mint taste.

There are a few other brands that receive good reviews as some of the best whitening toothpaste available with Rembrandt Premium Whitening being one of these. If you have sensitive teeth or are prone to canker sores this is said to be a good toothpaste as it does not include irritating detergents in its ingredients. It is more expensive to purchase with a 3oz tube costing around $7.50.

Whitening toothpaste brands are not difficult to source with your local drugstore being the most obvious place to find them. However many can also be found in larger grocery and discount stores and stores such as Walgreens and Walmart are typical places to purchase them.

If you want your teeth to remain healthy and have an attractive appearance then using the best whitening toothpaste is a good option to consider. The ingredients that most contain are designed to help the fight against cavities as well as remove stains to give your teeth a whiter look. They can therefore be a good choice of toothpaste to have in your bathroom.

Battery Operated Toothbrush

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Regular brushing is an essential requirement in terms of caring for your teeth. It can help to keep them looking white and also reduces the chances of suffering from problems such as cavities and gum disease. Most people typically use a manual brush for cleaning their teeth, although if you want to step up the effectiveness of your teeth cleaning regime then a battery operated toothbrush is an option to consider.

While a standard toothbrush uses manual power to move the brush over the teeth, a battery operated toothbrush uses electrical power. While cleaning the teeth using a standard toothbrush can be effective, the added power and vibration supplied by a battery powered toothbrush can provide additional cleaning action which helps to produce better results. This can be beneficial for your teeth and gums and more effective cleaning can mean less chance of oral problems occurring. A battery powered toothbrush can therefore be a good option to choose.

There are a few styles of battery operated toothbrush and they can have a few different actions which can be classified as rotary, sonic or pulsating. There can be a few benefits to using them which can help to improve your teeth cleaning. As the head of the brush does much of the work using electrical power, it typically means you will apply less pressure when brushing. This is considered a good thing as brushing too hard can have a detrimental impact on your teeth by weakening the enamel which can result in sensitive teeth. It can also be easier to clean hard to reach areas as the brush can be held on these and the moving bristles of the toothbrush will do the work.

If you want to try out the benefits of a battery operated toothbrush for yourself there are many good models on the market. One that gets good review is the Arm and Hammer Spinbrush Pro. This costs around $9 to purchase and can be found in many stores such as Sam’s Club, K-Mart or CVS. It employs a dual action motion with one set of bristles spinning around while the other moves from side to side. The overall action is effective at cleaning teeth and the toothbrush requires two AA batteries to operate.

Another battery operated toothbrush that is considered effective at cleaning teeth is the Oral B Cross Action Battery Powered Toothbrush. This costs around $7 to purchase and can be found both online and in-store at retailers such as Walmart and Walgreens. It has a rotating power head with criss-cross bristles which help to provide a thorough cleaning even in hard to reach places.

Other battery powered toothbrushes that get decent reviews with regard to their effectiveness include the Philips Sonicare Xtreme e3000 Power Toothbrush and the Colgate Motion Battery Powered Toothbrush. These can generally be found in local drugstores, larger supermarkets and also at many online drugstores.

If you are looking to effectively brush your teeth, then the added power that can be supplied by a battery operated toothbrush can help with this. They are generally affordable to purchase and for the additional benefits that they provide they can be a good choice of toothbrush to use.

Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Having sensitive teeth can be a frustrating problem that many people experience. It generally causes discomfort when eating and drinking hot and cold items and in many cases it can be a painful problem to live with. However there are many treatments that can be used to reduce the problems and sensitive teeth toothpaste is one of these.

Sensitive teeth most commonly occur when the gum recedes slightly from the tooth. This will reveal part of the root and this is more prone to the effects of hot and cold which can cause temporary pain and discomfort. However, sensitive teeth can also be caused as a result of damage to the teeth or brushing too hard which over time can wear down enamel making the teeth more sensitive. Whatever the reason it can be a painful and frustrating problem to have to live with and using sensitive teeth toothpaste can be a way to get some relief.

There are a few brands of sensitive teeth toothpaste that get good reviews and are considered a good option for reducing the pain and problems associated with sensitive teeth. One of the best known of these is Sensodyne and their Pronamel toothpaste can be a good choice. It is designed specifically for those with sensitive teeth and its ingredients include potassium nitrate which, if the toothpaste is used on a regular basis, will help to reduce the sensitivity of teeth. It also includes ingredients which help to harden the enamel of the teeth which can further reduce their sensitivity to hot and cold. Sensodyne Pronamel retails for around $5 for a 4oz tube.

Another brand of sensitive teeth toothpaste which is considered to work effectively is Crest Sensitivity. This retails for around $4 for a 4oz tube and using it regularly helps to build protection against the problems of sensitive teeth. It comes in a few different types with some of the options being the original toothpaste or whitening and extra whitening toothpaste.

Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste is also considered to be an effective sensitive teeth toothpaste. It is a hypoallergenic toothpaste, with the ingredients containing no irritants and most reviews indicate it will soothe sensitive teeth if used on a regular basis. It does this by sealing the exposed dentin which will help to reduce the sensitivity of teeth. Squigle toothpaste is one of the more expensive brands available with a 4.4oz tube costing around $8.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth then using toothpaste designed to help relieve the problems associated with this can be a common sense option. However, most people tend to brush too hard and this can cause problems for teeth. So even when using sensitive teeth toothpaste ensure that you brush gently to make sure that you don’t increase the problems of sensitive teeth by wearing down enamel and causing gums to recede. However with a good quality toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gentle brushing you should be able to reduce the sensitivity of your teeth and make life easier when eating hot and cold items.

Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Keeping your toothbrush clean and free of germs is important in terms of oral hygiene. This can be especially so if you travel a lot and carry a toothbrush with you. If this is not packed safely and conveniently it can easily rub on other items and pick up dirt and germs. If you are looking for a simple way to carry your toothbrush that will help to keep it clean and germ free, then a travel toothbrush sanitizer can be a good product to have available.

A travel toothbrush sanitizer is typically a small box which in many cases comes with a compact toothbrush included. The box acts as a convenient carrying case for the toothbrush such that it can easily be stored in a bag without having to worry about the toothbrush coming into contact with other items.

However as well as carrying the brush, a travel toothbrush sanitizer is also designed to clean the brush. Many use germicidal UV light to do this and when you close the box the cleaning begins. Germicidal UV light is effective at killing many of the germs that can be found on a toothbrush and most sanitizers will eliminate the majority of germs from a toothbrush in only a few minutes. While it is useful for those that are traveling, a toothbrush sanitizer can easily be used in the home. The sanitizer can help to make the brush more hygienic and it can remain conveniently stored in the box until required again for brushing.

There are a few travel toothbrush sanitizers on the market these days. A popular brand is the VIO200 Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer from Violight. This can be found for sale at around $22 and the sanitizer comes with a toothbrush included. It is a compact size making it easy to carry and it has push button activation to start the brush cleaning which automatically shuts off after 7 minutes.

The Verilux Clean Wave UV-C Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer is another option to purchase. This is a more affordable product and can be found on the market for around $10. The UV-C light it uses to sanitize the brush is said to be effective in removing 99% of germs and it has a built-in timer which runs for 6 minutes before automatically shutting off. The case is sturdily manufactured meaning the brush can safely be carried in a bag without suffering any damage. Other travel toothbrush sanitizers to consider include the UV-C Light Sanitizer from Mark Feldstein and Associates and the Sonicare HX7990 UV Brush Sanitizer.

A travel toothbrush sanitizer can be a simple way to keep your brush clean and safely stored. They are useful for those that travel regularly and are an easy way to store and care for a brush. However, they can easily be used in the home if you are looking for a simple way to keep your brush cleaner and conveniently stored. If the cleanliness of your toothbrush is something that concerns you a toothbrush sanitizer can be a useful product to consider.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Knowing how to get rid of bad breath is essential, so that you can eliminate any odor, and ensure that your mouth remains as clean as possible.  Bad breath can really hold you back, as it’s something that nobody enjoys.  It can cause you to be ridiculed behind your back, and it can also result in you not making the good first impression that you intend in an interview, or when meeting a new boss.  In both scenarios breath odor can really send the wrong signal, and is one that most people will have a hard time forgetting.  For that reason, you absolutely have to know how to get rid of bad breath as quickly as possible, so that you can keep feeling fresh all day long.

When you’re looking for how to get rid of bad breath, the most basic and most common way is always going to be practicing good oral hygiene.  While this may sound fairly basic, it is the most tried and tested approach that you will find anywhere.  Only by brushing regularly, and using mouthwash as well as flossing, can you ensure that your mouth stays clean.  If your mouth is clean and bacteria free, you can ensure that you never have to worry about a buildup of unpleasant odors, and you can guarantee that your breath will stay fresh all day.  But then again, while this works most of the time, it isn’t always perfect.

To really know how to get rid of bad breath, you have to look at the root cause for why the odor occurs.  In most cases this is a bacterial buildup in your mouth.  But sometimes, it can be based upon the type of food that you’ve eaten.  If you’ve had dairy or even produce recently, you’ll need to brush your teeth in order to completely remove any remnants that could otherwise be found.  This is important, as both produce and dairy can have a bad odor, when particles are left in your mouth for a long period of time.  The only way to avoid bad breath is removing the harmful agents as quickly, and effectively as possible.

Of course, not everyone has access to a toothbrush at all times during the day, so you may have to get a little creative in your alternatives.  Another part of knowing how to get rid of bad breath is really having the right tools for when you can’t practice good oral hygiene.  Here is where gum or breath mints come in handy.  Gums like Trident are actually good for your teeth, and help you work bacteria and food particles out of your mouth.  While breath mints are very strong odors themselves, so they work to help cover up any other scent in your mouth, so that the bacteria is no longer evident.

Knowing how to get rid of bad breath is as simple as having the supplies you need to keep your breath fresh.  You can find everything you would need at any department, or convenience store.  There you should be able to find oral hygiene supplies, but what’s more you can find the little things like gum or breath mints, that can help you stay fresh in any scenario.  Just remember to stock up, so that you can ensure you are always odor free, and ready to make the right impression.

Dry Mouth Products

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Suffering from dry, or cotton mouth can be an especially frustrating condition.  This is a scenario in which your mouth feels especially dry for some reason, so that you are unable to form the normal buildup of oral fluids like saliva.  It can occur as a result of genetics, or even during heavy activity in some cases.  But no matter the reason, it’s both uncomfortable, and unpleasant as it creates a scenario in which you’ll suffer from bad breathe.  For that reason, you need to seek out the right dry mouth products to help you fight the condition, and keep your mouth feeling great at all times.

The absolute best  dry mouth products to help you avoid the condition completely, are always going to be those that help successfully clean and care for your mouth.  Using fluoride toothpaste is your first best decision, because fluoride works to moisturize your mouth as well as clean.  But what’s more, you’ll want to use a mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol, as alcohol is notorious for drying out your skin.  That means you’ll want to absolutely avoid most products that contain alcohol.  By brushing regularly, and also keeping alcohol free mouthwash in your arsenal, you can ensure that you take the best precautions towards avoiding dry mouth completely.

If that doesn’t work, there are other fantastic dry mouth products that you can try.  One of the best is actually mouth spray like that made by Thayer’s.  This is a special mouth spray that actually naturally moisturizes, so that your mouth can stay fresh under any circumstance.  Plus it has the added convenience of being extremely portable, so that you’re able to carry your spray with you, wherever you may require it’s use.  Some other dry mouth products that you may want to try include special gum.  There is a special sort of cotton mouth gum made by Biotene that actually moisturizes, and stimulates saliva flow.  Although that type of gum can be expensive, so you may want to try something simply like Trident which can replicate the same concept on a smaller scale.

Of course, if the dry mouth products you purchase still don’t do the job, there are a few home remedies that you can try.  One of the most common solutions is to simply ensure that you drink enough water throughout the day.  On average, your body needs around 8 glasses of water a day, and you’ll want to ensure that you drink at least that, to keep your mouth hydrated.  But you also may consider breathing through your nose whenever possible.  Those that suffer from dry mouth tend to breathe out of their mouths, and you may find that breathing through your nose allows moisture to build up more easily, solving the problem altogether.

When you’re looking to buy any sort of dry mouth products that you need, the best places to go are always going to be pharmaceutical specialists.  Stores like CVS and Walgreens are ideal for any type of remedy you could possibly need for any ailment.  There you can find the perfect dry mouth products to keep your mouth moisturized and comfortable, all day long.

Causes of Bad Breath

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Eliminating the root causes of bad breath is essential so that you can stop the problem at it’s source, and feel more confident about your appearance.  One of the worst things in life is making a bad first impression, and breath odor can really hold you back.  It’s just unpleasant to talk, or be around someone that has any type of odor that’s easily present every time that they talk.  For this reason, identifying the causes of bad breath and how to stop them is essential, so that you can put your best foot forward, everywhere that you go.  Getting rid of mouth odor doesn’t have to be difficult either, it just takes a little effort on your part.

Of course, the best way to avoid the causes of bad breath is to simply ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible.  By regularly brushing, using mouthwash, and also flossing, you can ensure that you eliminate all the bacteria you can, as well as food particles which could cause unpleasant odor.  Good oral hygiene is one of the best ways to ensure that you never have to worry about the causes of bad breath.  So long as you brush after every meal, or simply as often as possible, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.  But of course, this doesn’t eliminate every problem that can come up.

Some causes of bad breath  go a little bit deeper than what simply brushing can unearth.  Sometimes regular good oral hygiene isn’t enough, depending upon what you’ve eaten recently.  When it comes to foods like dairy products, your teeth need to be cleaned completely immediately after consumption.  Otherwise the proteins and dairy cultures can build up in your mouth extremely quickly.  This can leave you with a foul odor that nobody enjoys, and that’s something everyone will want to avoid.

Also, everyday habits like drinking coffee, or going long periods in between meals, can actually be some of the most common causes of bad breath.  Over time, if you haven’t eaten the gasses from your stomach will actually start to be released through your mouth slowly, which can have an unpleasant odor to all of those around you.  Plus, coffee frequently contains sweeteners like sugar, or cream and even milk, all of which can be horrible for your breath.  For this reason, you’ll want to keep gum, or breath mints handy throughout the day, so that you can reflect the type of good oral hygiene that you are intending.

The best way to stock up your bad breath fighting arsenal, is simply to visit a department store and keep up with essentials.  You’ll want to have plenty of gum or breath mints, just so that you can get that burst of freshness when you can’t get to the root causes of bad breath during the day by brushing.  But also, make sure that you have plenty of mouthwash, toothpaste and dental floss at home, so that you can take proper care of your teeth.  Only through proper daily care can you ensure that your mouth is perfectly healthy, so that you can avoid as many causes of bad breath as possible.