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Best Whitening Toothpaste

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While the health of your teeth is obviously important in ensuring they remain pain free, most people also want their teeth to look attractive. This generally means having white teeth and there are a number of ways to achieve this. The first line of defense in terms of keeping your teeth looking attractive is the toothpaste you use and brushing with the best whitening toothpaste is a good option to choose.

Everyone knows that brushing regularly on a daily basis is important in maintaining the health of their teeth. However, teeth can also become discolored and dull for a number of reasons and this can be as a result of the food and drink we take, our age, smoking and a range of other factors. Most toothpaste is not really designed to cope with this and if you want to try and improve the appearance of your teeth then using one of the best whitening toothpaste brands is an option to consider.

There are a number of brands that lay claim to being the best whitening toothpaste and there are a few that get good reviews. Ultra Brite Advanced Whitening is a toothpaste manufactured by Colgate that is said to be good for removing stains and whitening teeth. It costs around $2.40 for a 6oz tube and includes fluoride plus a tartar control ingredient. It is one of the most affordable whitening toothpaste brands that get decent reviews. However, in some reviews dentists have warned it can be abrasive on teeth. It is therefore probably better used on an occasional basis in combination with your regular brushing regime.

Arm & Hammer Extra Whitening also gets decent reviews as one of the best whitening toothpaste brands on the market. This is another relatively affordable brand with a 6oz tube costing around $2.80. It has baking soda and peroxide included in its ingredients which are typically effective at whitening teeth, although it also includes fluoride to protect against cavities and has a fresh mint taste.

There are a few other brands that receive good reviews as some of the best whitening toothpaste available with Rembrandt Premium Whitening being one of these. If you have sensitive teeth or are prone to canker sores this is said to be a good toothpaste as it does not include irritating detergents in its ingredients. It is more expensive to purchase with a 3oz tube costing around $7.50.

Whitening toothpaste brands are not difficult to source with your local drugstore being the most obvious place to find them. However many can also be found in larger grocery and discount stores and stores such as Walgreens and Walmart are typical places to purchase them.

If you want your teeth to remain healthy and have an attractive appearance then using the best whitening toothpaste is a good option to consider. The ingredients that most contain are designed to help the fight against cavities as well as remove stains to give your teeth a whiter look. They can therefore be a good choice of toothpaste to have in your bathroom.