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7 Top Home Remedies for Bad Breath

A tongue scraper is a leading means of bad breath prevention.

When you’re seeking to cure bad breath in an easy and logical way, you want to locate the potential products that you’re going to have to choose from on hand right now, so that you can stop the problem quickly.  The fact of the matter is that you really don’t need expensive tooth care products so long as you shop smartly, and there are plenty of great solutions right at home that you’re going to have to choose from.  So long as you know what to grab, there are plenty of home remedies for bad breath that you can use to get rid of the problem before you go to work, or out on that date.

Here are 7 of the top solutions, and the ones that you can really count on to take the stink out of your mouth faster than you would believe:

1. First, just make sure you’re practicing good oral hygiene.

This is vital so that you can ensure that you’re cutting bad breath out at it’s source.  This means brushing your teeth properly with toothpaste, as well as using mouthwash.  But stay away from products that use alcohol, because this can actually dry out your mouth which just makes bad breath worse and allows bacteria to really multiply inside your mouth.

2. Make sure that you’re brushing before bed and right away in the morning.

This is something that not enough people do, but it’s actually one of the most effective ways that you can cure bad breath.  The night time is the prime time when bacteria multiplies, but you can slow it up by brushing before bed, then you can get rid of what’s transpired and built up by brushing right away in the morning as well.

3. Drink a lot of water.

It’s vital that you get your proper allotment of water anyways, but it’s really important that you’re drinking plenty when it comes to your mouth and bad breath as well. You’re going to find that the more water you’re drinking the more wet and comfortable that your mouth is going to feel, and the more you’re going to be able to produce saliva so that you can wash away bad breath.

4. Try just avoiding the potential breath problem causers.

If you’re going to be eating during the day and you’re not going to be around a toothbrush for a while, then just avoid the foods that could be problematic.  By avoiding garlic, and things like some fish and other vegetables, you’ll find that you’re able to avoid a lot of problems that could be caused otherwise, when you’re not around any home remedies for bad breath that can help you out.

5. Carry around common herbs and spices to chew on.

While this may seem a bit odd, it’s actually one of the best household remedies for bad breath because of the natural ways that they can get rid of that scent.  Some of the best are going to include fennel, cloves or even anise seeds.  Chewing on any, or just keeping them in your mouth for a bit is going to soak up the odor leaving a more pleasant but not overpowering scent behind.  While they may not taste the best, sometimes it’s really worth it if you’ve got an important meeting coming up and you don’t want some bad breath to kill the party.

6. Make sure you’re brushing your tongue.

Once again in the proper oral hygiene department, the tongue is a place that stores a lot of bacteria, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.  That means you’re going to want to brush your tongue as often as possible, usually every time you brush normally, to ensure that you’re getting at that bacteria.  If not, you’re leaving a lot behind and that’s a problem.

7. Eat your greens.

Finally, just make sure that you’re eating some good hearty greens with meals, as that’s going to naturally reduce your proclivity to develop bad breath.  Things like parsley as well as even a salad, or arugula, as they all contain chlorophyll, which is a natural bad breath neutralizer.  The more you eat, the better that you’re going to be able to get rid of those bad breath fumes, so they are great home remedies for bad breath to have on hand.